High Field News Autumn 2023

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Welcome to your Practice newsletter 

Our newsletter aims to keep you informed of developments in the Practice and the services we offer you. 

The newsletter is a joint effort involving the surgery and the Patient Participation Group (PPG).  More later on what the PPG aims to do and how you can get involved! 

In this edition we want to focus mainly on the quickest ways to get the help you need.  

Quote / Testimonial:

You may have seen the latest NHS campaign about how to contact your surgery but what does it mean for you as a High Field Surgery Patient.

Did you know there are three ways you can contact the surgery?  

  • Telephone the surgery on 0113 2953600 
  • Visit the surgery Monday to Friday between 8am to 6pm.
  • Use online services

Online Services

  • eConsultation: for non-urgent problems this is the quickest way to obtain feedback on your condition or concern. This highly confidential and secure online form is picked up by the most appropriate professional, who aims to respond within 2 days.  If required, you may be asked to attend for a face-to-face appointment. The eConsultation form can be found at econsultation or
  • Sending a message through your online account on the NHS App.

Patients are often nervous about using online services for the first time but these services are very easy to use, and many patients find it’s a much quicker and easier way to ask a simple question whether it be medical or administrative such as asking for a FIT note.


On the practice website look for this link:

When you click Start Now you will be taken to a system called PATCHs.  Click on Contact my GP Practice and follow the instructions on the screen.

The practice will respond within 2 working days so you can’t use an e-consultation if you need an immediate response, but it’s nearly always quicker than waiting for an appointment.

PATCHs is the same system the practice will use if they need to ask you more information about something, such as asking you to submit a photo or fill in a short questionnaire about your symptoms.

Online Message

All patients with online accounts can send messages to the practice and receive replies through online messaging.  This works just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

In the NHS App click on ‘Messaging’ and ‘Send a Message to your GP Surgery’.

This is also available in the SystmOnline and Airmid Apps used by the surgery, and by logging into SystmOnline from the Surgery website.

You can download and register for the NHS App without contacting the surgery. 

No matter how you choose to get in touch with High Field Surgery they may: 

  • Book a face-to-face appointment for you 
  • Arrange a telephone consultation 
  • Send you a text message, for example, inviting you for a blood test 
  • Arrange a home visit
  • Refer you to another service

Non-urgent advice:

You can also use High Field’s online form for your children or those you care for. 

Non-urgent advice: Getting Help

In addition to getting help from High Field Surgery, you can also get help from your local pharmacy who can help and support you with minor illnesses. 

If you have an urgent medical problem and you are not sure what to do, NHS 111 can help. Call or go online, 111.nhs.uk.

For life-threatening emergencies, dial 999.

Helpful websites for managing your health 

If patients are referred on to see a specialist after seeing a Doctor, there is likely to be a lengthy wait to see a consultant.  The surgery does not have access to waiting times, nor can we influence waiting lists, but there is a website that gives you direct access to the latest average waiting times for your hospital trust as well as others across the country: www.myplannedcare.nhs.uk

Quote / Testimonial:

The website provides helpful advice and support including how to manage your pain, how to keep healthy and how to prepare for your appointment or operation.

NHS Screening 

What is screening? 

Screening is a way of finding out if people have a higher chance of having a health problem.  By screening people, the NHS can offer treatment or advice to allow you to make an informed decision.  

You can find out more about the different types of screening available by the NHS at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/nhs-screening/

Specialist Services Available via High Field Surgery

Some patients have asked about the specialist clinics and services that can be accessed via your surgery. Details can be found here: https://www.highfieldsurgery.com/practice-information/clinics/ though please note certain services are only available by GP referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

A little known section on the surgery website answers patients frequently asked questions:  Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you feel would benefit other patients email us at [email protected] and we’ll put it to the practice.

Cohens Pharmacy update

My name is Kostas Iliadis and I am the Pharmacist Manager at Cohens Pharmacy next door to High Field Surgery.  We work closely with your surgery and in this newsletter I want to cover five key services that we offer. 

Repeat Prescription Service: With Asda pharmacy closing in August 2023, we have seen an increase in requests for our repeat prescription service.  We welcome new patients; to help us provide the best service please place your prescription order with your surgery 5 working days in advance to allow us the time to deal with your request without delays. 

Minor Ailment Service (Pharmacy First):  The service helps GP practices and patients by providing a diagnosis and treatment of minor ailments:

To be eligible for Pharmacy First patients must: 

  • Be currently suffering from one of the minor ailments included in the service (the pharmacist will assess the condition during the consultation).
  • Be exempt from prescription charges.
  • Consent to share details with their GP; it will be necessary for your pharmacy to inform your GP practice about any treatment provided under the Pharmacy First service. 

Walk in Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS): This is a new service giving patients the option to walk into any community pharmacy located within West Yorkshire for minor ailments.  Following a consultation with the pharmacist the patient can get free advice and/or purchase over-the-counter products.  Alternatively, if the issue cannot be resolved with over-the-counter medication and/or advice then the pharmacist will refer the patient on as appropriate. 

SMS service: All patients are now notified as soon as their prescription is ready at the pharmacy.  Notification is by an automated text message to a mobile number or an automated phone call to a landline as provided by the patient. 

Vaccinations: If you are ineligible for current NHS roll-outs, Cohens provides influenza and pneumonia jabs.  Before administering a vaccination our pharmacist will conduct a brief consultation with all patients to check suitability, answer questions and discuss whether the vaccination is chargeable. 

Pneumonia vaccines will be available as of Monday 18th September 2023 but only as a chargeable private service. There are two types; one that lasts for 5 years and the other that lasts for lifetime.  Depending on age, medical conditions and prior vaccination history patients could be eligible to have either or only one. 

Flu vaccines are administered on a yearly basis and for this year we have walk-in clinics similar to last year on a daily basis Monday to Friday starting from mid-September (date to be confirmed).  No appointment is needed; vaccinations are on a first come first served basis subject to stock availability. 

Should patients wish they can book their flu and/or pneumonia vaccination appointment online at www.cohenschemist.co.uk and we will reserve the vaccines in advance. 

Please don’t hesitate to speak to us if you have any queries or concerns about our service.

(High Field Surgery is not affiliated with, nor do we specifically endorse the services of any local pharmacy.  Patients are free to use the pharmacy of their choice for their prescriptions.) 

Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Did you know High Field Surgery has a Patient Participation Group?  It’s known as the PPG and is made up of people just like you – ordinary patients of High Field Surgery.

We meet regularly with the surgery’s Practice Manager and one of the Doctors to share views on current services and listen to the surgery’s plans and the issues that may affect patients.  This gives us a chance to include our views at the planning stage.   

We’re looking for more volunteers to join the PPG.  We would particularly like to reflect a wider range of the surgery’s patients including people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, younger people, and those with special needs.  

We ask only that you are happy to come along and contribute to the meetings* in a constructive and respectful way.

*Meetings will be a combination of online and face-to-face, so you will need access to a reliable internet connection and be comfortable in meeting others. 

If you feel you have something to say and would like to find out more about becoming a member of the PPG, please email the group on [email protected] (Note, this email is operated by the Patient Group themselves and is not for contacting the practice).

Leeds-wide initiatives / Links to local services 

  • Leeds Health & Care Partnership (LHCP) connects health and care organisations across Leeds who are working together to improve the health of people in Leeds.  See www.healthandcareleeds.org  for details of the extensive range of health, care and wellbeing support available. 
  • Leeds City Council Adult Social Care and Leeds City Council Children’s Social Care offers help in the community.  If you’re worried about an adult who may need care, or who may be neglected or abused, or if you need information or advice about a child who needs additional support, or if you’re caring for a relative or friend and need support yourself, ring the Council’s general number: 0113 222 444 for help to find who to speak to. 
  • OPAL (Old People’s Action in the Locality) is a registered charity which offers practical and emotional support, social activities and exercise classes for people aged over 60 in the LS16 area north of the A6120 ring road.   Tel: 0113 261 9103, or email [email protected]
  • Forward Leeds provides integrated support for alcohol and drug abuse, and mental illness, with a single point of contact: 0113 887 2477.   

We hope you find High Field News a useful way to keep up to date with developments.  If you have any suggestions for inclusion in future editions, please pass these to the surgery Reception.