You can use eConsultation to help you get things done without having to come in to the surgery.

What is an eConsultation?

This could be to get advice from a GP, complete administration tasks or arrange to see other professionals or services without always having to see the GP first. Think of it as an email but the topic of the email and the information you provide is guided by filling in one of the online forms.

Our eConsultation system has recently changed to “SystmConnect” which is fully integrated with our clinical system and SystmOnline and will be easier for patients to use and navigate.

The process

It starts by completing an eConsultation form.

Once completed, the form is then sent through to the reception team, who will assign the form to the most appropriate member of the team.

Once the form has been read and a decision reached, you will contacted by a member of the team informing you of the next step.

All forms should be dealt within two working days of sending, for urgent problems please call reception.

eConsultations are for non urgent problems, for urgent problems please contact the reception team by phone