Home visits

Information about home visits

Who is the service for

We only offer home visits to patients who are genuinely housebound due to a medical problem. We have more facilities at the surgery and it is easier to examine and treat you there.

The final decision on who gets a home visit rests with the GP.

We ask all other patients to use an alternative form of consultation.

How to arrange a home visit

If possible please call reception before 10.00am if you require a home visit. They will ask you some basic details so that the GP can make a decision on the suitability for a visit.

The GP may call you back if they think an alternative form of consultation is more suitable.

We try and see all home visits on the same day, however, urgent problems take priority and so you may have to wait if your problem is less urgent.

If you call after 11.00am your visit will be scheduled for the following day unless it is urgent.