Referrals to Hospital recommence

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Routine outpatient appointments during COVID-19 (coronavirus)

GPs in Leeds are now able to once again refer any patient requiring advice from a specialist healthcare professional.

The way that services are provided is different than before as a result of the changes hospitals have had to introduce due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Where possible and safe to do so, hospital services will help patients remotely. This means your appointment is done over the telephone or by video instead of face to face. If the service we’re referring you to can offer you a remote appointment, they will contact you to arrange this. They will help you understand how you can use your telephone or any other device for the appointment. For those of you that do not have access to equipment for these kinds of consultations, our providers will work to ensure you have help with this or offer you an alternative – you will not be excluded.

Hospitals will only offer face to face appointments where it is appropriate to do so based on the judgement of the healthcare professional looking after you.

Every step is being taken to ensure that services are provided safely. Each individual service will ensure that staff and patients have appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and safe social distancing measures are in place. Before your appointment you will be advised how you can help minimise the risk to yourself and others during your visit.

Whilst some patients may be anxious about having to attend an appointment at this time, we want to assure you that the changes made mean you’ll be seen in a low risk environment. If, however you choose not to attend the hospital at this time, please let them know and they will contact you to make an appointment at a future date when you feel more confident.

This may however involve a much longer wait before you are seen.

If, whilst you are waiting for your appointment, your symptoms become much worse and are causing you worry please contact your GP so that your case can be reviewed. If your GP shares your concern that you now need to be seen more quickly, they will contact the service to ask that you are seen urgently.

If you become really unwell and your GP practice isn’t open, please call NHS 111 or go online You should only call 999 or go to A&E in an emergency.