Friends and Family Test – Results

Here are the last 12 months Friends and Family Test results for High Field Surgery

MonthRecommendedDont KnowNot RecommendedVery GoodGoodNeitherPoorVery PoorDont Know
June 202298%0%1%180171210
July 202297%1%2%229203230
August 202297%2%1%278156111
September 202299%1%1%375183331
October 202299%1%1%374173110
November 202298%1%1%337153320
December 202298%1%1%238191021
January 202395%3%2%269298332
February 202398%0%2%221150141
March 202397%1%2%234163140
April 202397%1%2%197122230
May 202399%0%1%234140300
June 2023 97%2%1%189222212
July 202395%3%2%245289250
August 202394%2%4%154184224
September 202378%18%4%1244011
October 202391%6%5%2192010
November 202391%5%4%51123111
December 202388%7%5%47185040
January 202499%0%1%215301110
February 202498%0%2%295282230

Note. On 31 August 2023 West Yorkshire ICB decommissioned the system for collecting Friends and Family Feedback by text message, which accounts for the drop in feedback for 5 months.

The feedback that we receive alongside the scores is really useful in evaluating the results. A selection of comments from last month:

Quick appointment, running on time and staff very friendly and accommodating

I didn’t have to wait and the nurse was excellent

Easy to access the online consultation system from the website.

The appt system works well and the staff are welcoming and polite

Rang with an issue, no appointments available receptionist advise econsultation, was not aware of this before.

Page last reviewed: 1 March 2024