Friends and Family Test – Results

Here are the last 12 months Friends and Family Test results for High Field Surgery

MonthRecommendedDont KnowNot RecommendedVery GoodGoodNeitherPoorVery PoorDont Know
June 202298%0%1%180171210
July 202297%1%2%229203230
August 202297%2%1%278156111
September 202299%1%1%375183331
October 202299%1%1%374173110
November 202298%1%1%337153320
December 202298%1%1%238191021
January 202395%3%2%269298332
February 202398%0%2%221150141
March 202397%1%2%234163140
April 202397%1%2%197122230
May 202399%0%1%234140300
June 2023 97%2%1%189222212
July 202395%3%2%245289250
August 202394%2%4%154184224
September 202378%18%4%1244011
October 202391%6%5%2192010
November 202391%5%4%51123111
December 202388%7%5%47185040
January 202499%0%1%215301110
February 202498%0%2%295282230
March 202495%1%4%16862341
April 202498%1%1%148132100
May 202496%2%2%100132201
June 202498%1%1%99121010

Note. On 31 August 2023 West Yorkshire ICB decommissioned the system for collecting Friends and Family Feedback by text message, which accounts for the drop in feedback for 5 months.

The feedback that we receive alongside the scores is really useful in evaluating the results. A selection of comments from last month:

No waiting around. Appointment on time . Dealt with efficiently.

Staff friendly and the place is always pleasant and clean

Easy to access the online consultation system from the website.

I arrived a bit early and was seen within minutes. Had a few queries which were dealt with in a friendly professional manner.

Rang with an issue, no appointments available receptionist advise econsultation, was not aware of this before.

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