Alcohol and drug services

If you have problems with alcohol and/or drugs Forward Leeds is an organisation that can help. It provides services for adults, young people and families.

Do I need help?

Take the alcohol test this is an excellent online tool which helps you work out if you’re at risk of alcohol related problems and some simple things you can do to reduce the risk.

Or if you prefer it in paper format

Getting help

Forward Leeds

Forward Leeds has a wide range of services that support young people, adults and families in Leeds with alcohol and/or drug use.

It is the service that that you can self refer to.

Here is the list of Forward Leeds services, or you can call them on 0113 8872477.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics anonymous is a national network of free self help groups aimed at helping people recover from alcoholism.

Some people find them very useful and our doctors often recommend them.

The best way of find out about them and your closest group is at Alcoholics Anonymous.