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A quicker way to receive your prescription

Save time and help your GP practice, your pharmacy and the NHS by using the electronic prescription service.

The vast majority of our patients use a free service called the Electronic Prescription Service.

This means when they order their regular repeat prescription from the surgery, instead of having to collect the paper prescription from the surgery and take it to the Pharmacy their GP can send the prescription direct to the pharmacy as soon as it is signed. This is a much faster service, it eliminates the possiblity of the paper prescription getting lost, and from a patient perspective means you dont have to collect the paper prescription from the surgery.

If you haven’t already signed up for the service it couldn’t be easier to do. Simply tell reception which Pharmacy you use, or alternitavely next time you are in the Pharmacy tell them you want to use electronic prescriptions. You will be signed up straight away, it’s that simple.

In the past some patients have told us they didn’t want to use the service because all types of medication couldnt go electronically. Since early March 2019 the NHS have upgraded the system so all medication can now be sent electonically, including all Controlled Drugs.

If you need more information please ask reception or your Pharmacy. Otherwise let us know your regular Pharmacy as soon as possible to take advantage of the Electronic Prescription Service.


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