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Breast Cancer Screening

Information about how women will be called for Breast Screening during 2018

The Leeds and Wakefield Breast Screening service are now inviting eligible women registered at High Field Surgery between the ages of 47 and 73 for Breast Screening. Women will be invited to attend a mammography Unit approximately between February and March 2018.


To detect breast cancer at a very early stage, before a lump can be felt and when treatment is more likely to succeed.

At present there is no way to prevent breast cancer from starting, but early detection and treatment has a strong bearing on chances of survival. Mammography can detect a lump smaller, sooner and at a stage when it contains fewer cells and this imroves the woman’s odds.


Every 3 years women are selected by year of birth rather than full date of birth.  For example, if we are inviting women in 2010 we would select women with the years of birth for 1940-1960 and so on.  So a woman might be a few months short of 50, or could be 52, when the first invitation is received.  This evens out at the other end of the age range, so that all women are offered 7 screening cycles over 21 years.

If a woman is over 70 years, she will not receive an automatic appointment but can refer herself by telephoning the screening office at Seacroft on 0113 2063816.


By mammography, a specialised X-ray of the breasts. Women are generally invited to attend the static unit at St James’s Hospital or a Mobile Mammography unit, which move to different locations across the areas of Leeds, Wakefield and Pontefract.

At a screening unit, mammograms (X-rays) are taken of each breast. This only takes a few minutes: it is uncomfortable, and some people may find it painful, but that does not last.  The mammograms then go to the main unit at Seacroft Hospital to be processed and inspected, which takes a few days. Results are issued by letter within 2-3 weeks from screening.  The GP will also receive a copy of the result.

WHEELCHAIR and/or other physical restrictions?

A Mobile Unit may not be suitable but screening is still possible in most cases.  The main screening office at Seacroft is available Monday-Friday 8.30-16.45 for any enquiries you may have.  The numbers to call is 0113 2063816

Out of hours call 111