Accessing your GP surgery

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The surgery remains open and available to patients throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. How you access our services looks different in the following ways.

GP Appointments

GP appointments continue to be available, the difference being all appointments are telephone appointments. The doctor has access to video technology if required and can ask you to send photographs if appropriate. Only if the Doctor deems it necessary for you to be examined will you be asked to attend the surgery.

The doctors will endeavour to call you at the appointed time. There is no need to call the surgery if you haven’t been called a few minutes after your appointment time as, just like with face to face appointments, sometimes appointments overrun.

Nursing Appointments

These are taking place as normal. It is likely that someone will call you the day before your appointment to check you are not displaying symptoms of Covid-19. Another difference is that the nurse will be wearing protective equipment during the consultation.

Certain annual reviews such as asthma checks are being conducted by telephone, and patients will receive a text message prior to the review asking them to complete a short questionnaire.

Prescription Ordering

Patients should continue to order their prescriptions online or by dropping the prescription counterfoil into the surgery. Online ordering is the fastest and most reliable method and you can find details here. If prescription counterfoils are being dropped off this should be in the box in the entrance lobby or the external letterbox. Do not bring these into the surgery.

Prescriptions cannot be ordered by telephone.

Please do not ask for extra supplies of repeat medication above what normally order. On NHS England advice such requests will not be authorised.

Online Services

Registering for online services is the best way to support social distancing, as well as being the most efficient way to access a range of services including appointment booking, repeat prescription ordering, secure messaging and viewing your medical record. Details of how you can get set up within minutes are here.